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“We turn the pages of Breathing Lake Superior thrilled and suspended, and come away from them steeped in story, owned by rare wisdom. If there really is a Thin Place, where the earth gives way to its own mysticism, then to read Ron Rindo is to open a door that will lead you to it.” –Abby Frucht, author of Are You Mine?

“Those who appreciate the work of Charles Baxter, Michael Chabon, or even John Cheever will find excellent companionship in Love in an Expanding Universe. In these eight remarkable stories, one encounters characters who struggle as we do, facing the awful uncertainty of love in a universe perpetually shifting, flying outward, forever spinning away.” –Blackbird Archive

“Despite its title, the men in Mr. Rindo’s book are not intentionally keeping secrets, nor are they at all unfeeling. Their emotions are simply beyond words.” —New York Times Book Review

“A strong debut which more often than not takes a familiar suburban scenario and makes clear how mysterious and frightening ‘everydayness’ can be.” —Kirkus Reviews

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